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We have a beautiful American barn with Loden stables. The doors open at either end to allow good air circulation allowing it to stay cool in the summer months with the doors open, and warm in the winter with the doors closed. The horses are separated with bars so they can always see each other, I find this very good for young or anxious horses as they can always see another horse.

Each stable is large and airy, fully rubber matted out and bedded on either straw or dust free shavings depending on the individual horses requirements.

Dan moss of hurst haylage supplies us with top quality hay and hayladge depending on each horses requirements.

We have plenty of turnout, all individual paddocks that are kept to an exceptional standard by the yard owner. All paddocks topped and sprayed regularly to maintain a good quality of grass all year round.



“30 x 70” floodlit arena.

Full course of jump for joy fences and fillers.

Full course of training fences.

A selection of arena eventing fences.


We have a big HGV that takes 6 big horses easily, with large living facilities to sleep all the team.

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I have now established a good string of horses and clients, but am always on the look out for new rides to build on and improve my team.
The support team I have around me is fantastic with exceptional support from my international team of sponsors, With first class facilities and support I have provided my team and horses with good fight chance, and as a team we are hoping to produce some fantastic results.
I hope you enjoy reading through the website. If you are interested in becoming a part of the sport of Eventing and supporting a event rider, either through your business or personally been involved with the team and our syndicate horses please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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